Customized Catering Options

Are You Preparing for a Special Event or Party?

When you are planning a party, gathering, or other special event, the food you are going to serve your guests is one of the most important considerations you will make. Many details may be forgotten, but food that guests truly enjoy will be remembered for years.

Take the pressure off of yourself and ensure your guests will have something delicious to truly enjoy by entrusting us with your catering.

Let Us Be Your Venue

Take choosing a beautiful and inviting venue for your event off of your planning list as well. On-site catering makes it easy for you to relax, enjoy the event, and know everything is being handled perfectly.

Create Your Custom Menu

Work with us to create a delectable Italian menu tailored to your event, guests, and budget. Include an array of specialties and options to ensure your guests leave happy and satisfied.
Tasty food

Come Explore Our Delicious Flavors

See our lunch and dinner page to explore all the savory Italian options, and then visit us for a meal to try all the options before settling on your custom catering menu.
Get in touch with 
the friendly staff at Valentini's Supper Club to start planning 
your menu.
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Visit our special events page to 
learn more about celebrating the meaningful occasions in life with us.
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